About Zainab F Al-Dawood

PET/CT & QI Specialist at AGH, Al Dammam. Member of Scientific Committee in SSMRT. Currently studying MSc. of Molecular Imaging at KSU.

Safe Handling and Transportation of Radioactive Materials

By |2023-01-16T15:42:36+03:00January 16th, 2023|Presentations|

❰❰ Outlines • Basic Principles of Radionuclide Production Method.. • The main route of transported materials, packaging and labeling classification. • The Role of International Agencies in Applying Safe Handling and Transportation Guidelines.. • The Role of medical Physicist, technologist and RSO in requesting and measuring radionuclide items. ❰❰ عربي

Operational Statistics and Quality Control of Scintillation Camera

By |2022-04-18T12:28:50+03:00April 18th, 2022|Presentations|

❰❰ Learning Objectives • Single Photon Emission Tomography - SPECT/CT. • Quality Control and Quality Assurance Tests. • Operating Parameters used in Planar and SPECT/CT. • Examples of Pitfalls in SPECT/CT Tests. ❰❰ عربي Copyright © All Rights Reserved

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