Safe Handling and Transportation of Radioactive Materials

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❰❰ Outlines • Basic Principles of Radionuclide Production Method.. • The main route of transported materials, packaging and labeling classification. • The Role of International Agencies in Applying Safe Handling and Transportation Guidelines.. • The Role of medical Physicist, technologist and RSO in requesting and measuring radionuclide items. ❰❰ عربي

Introduction to Gamma Camera Quality Control

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❰❰ Outlines • Quality Assurance in NM.• Definition of QA.• QA and QC.• Nuclear Medicine Services.• QA program in Nuclear Medicine.• Policies and Procedures Manual.• QC of Nuclear Medicine Instruments.• Guidance in QC procedures.• Why Quality Control?• Quality Control Manual.• Calibrating the System.• Calibration (Correction) Procedures:Energy CorrectionUniformity CorrectionCenter Of Rotation (COR)Tuning, Fine

Introduction to Dose Calibrators Quality Control

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❰❰ Outlines • About Dose Calibrator • Factors Affecting Accuracy of Dose Calibrator. • Several Agencies Recommended Testing of Dose Calibrator. • Equipment and Material Needed. • Dose Calibrator Tests Physical Inspection Precision Accuracy Constancy Relative Response Linearity - Decaying Source Method - Graded Sources (Shield) Method Geometry Test ❰❰ عربي

Operational Statistics and Quality Control of Scintillation Camera

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❰❰ Learning Objectives • Single Photon Emission Tomography - SPECT/CT. • Quality Control and Quality Assurance Tests. • Operating Parameters used in Planar and SPECT/CT. • Examples of Pitfalls in SPECT/CT Tests. ❰❰ عربي Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials

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❰❰ Outlines • Radioactive package types • General requirements for transportation. • The Transport Index (TI). • Excepted packages. • Package markings and labels. • Category (I) package – White label • Category (II) package – Yellow • Category (III) package – Yellow • Vehicle placarding. • Dispatch of radioactive sources.

Safe Handling of Radioactive Materials

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❰❰ Outlines • Design of nuclear medicine department and PET/CT facilities. • Designation of areas. • Radiation shielding and signs. • Authorized staff for handling radioactive material in nuclear medicine. • Receiving radioactive sources. • Radiation safety procedures for radiopharmacy. • Radiation Incidents. • Dose calibrator Quality Control. • Optimization for

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